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The Wine region of Styria


The province of Styria was founded over 800 years and has the distinction of being the oldest Austrian province. It is a province full of many riches.
It is the most forested region of Austria and thus very important in the areas of forestry and wood production. As much 3/4 of Austrian apples are cultivated here and 25% of Austrian beer is brewed in Styria. However, it is for its position as Austria’s primary wine producing region that Styria is most renowned. No other Austrian province has such a diversified natural landscape. There is everything from alpine glaciers, to forests, orchards and vineyards. You find it all in Styria!
Styria is a virtual "Wine paradise". The region has many, many vineyards and wine estates. Many people have grown to love Styria for its beautiful landscape, its traditional food and last but not least the excellent wines that are grown with great love and affection. The typical "Styrian wine inns" are bastions of quality and tradition thus preserving the reputation and integrity of the local food and cuisine. This focus on the preservation of all things Styrian is again shown in the way that local farmers and wine growers have cooperated together to protect the natural environment.
A host of delights, relaxation, peace, are only some of the word that spring to mind when thinking of Styria. This wonderful province is especially famous for its wines and beers which are savoured and enjoyed all over Europe. And don’t forget the many thermal springs where you can restore health to body and mind. With such a diversity of riches Styria is a great destination for a holiday with the whole family.

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